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Hosted by David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center, Macro Musings is a podcast which pulls back the curtain on the important macroeconomic issues of the past, present, and future.

Sep 18, 2017

Lawrence Summers is the Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University. Previously, he served as U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton and Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama. In today’s episode, he joins the show to discuss his work as both an academic and a policymaker. He also shares his thoughts on monetary and fiscal policy since the recent financial crisis and Great Recession. Finally, he explains why he has recently become more open to nominal GDP targeting. You can read the transcript to the full interview here: David’s blog: Macro Musings podcast site: David’s Twitter: @DavidBeckworth Lawrence Summers’ website: Larry Summers’ Washington post archive: Larry Summers’ Twitter: @LHSummers Related links: “Inflation and Activity – Two Explorations and Their Monetary Policy Implications” by Olivier Blanchard, Eugenio Cerutti, and Lawrence Summers “The Permanent Effects of Fiscal Consolidation” by Antonio Fatas and Larry Summers “5 Reasons Why the Fed Might Be Making a Mistake” by Larry Summers *** [Also, be sure to subscribe to Mercatus’ “Conversations with Tyler” podcast, hosted by Tyler Cowen. Tyler also interviewed Larry Summers and discussed a wide range of topics, including trade policy, immigration, asset-pricing, monopolies, and even table tennis. You can listen to that conversation here: You can also find previous episodes of “Conversations with Tyler” at]